Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Back to Work

While the rest of us were getting drunk and watching football on TV all day, Leonardo DiCaprio spent his Saturday working on a new movie. It’s either titled Inception or Oliver’s Arrow, I guess they haven’t decided yet. I have a working theory that Leo is actually the long lost son of Jack Nicholson, because the two look a lot alike to me. I think it’s the eyebrows and scraggly goatee? Look at this picture, and tell me if I’m wrong. Where’s Maury when you need him?

Not that I’m complaining or anything. I had posters of Leo all over my bedroom walls in high school, and one of them even smuggled itself into my suitcase and made its way to my college dorm (it was crafty). It no longer graces my walls, but I do have The Departed on DVD — which he starred in with Jack Nicholson. Yeah, totally related.

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