Megan Fox at the TIFF

Last night, Megan Fox put on her favorite prom dress from 1989 and headed to the Toronto International Film Festival for a screening of her new movie, Jennifer’s Body. And hey, is that Amanda Seyfried in the picture with her? Sister friend is looking pasty! Somebody get that girl a spray tan, stat.

To be honest with you, I’m kind of surprised there aren’t any pictures of the two of them kissing on the red carpet. There’s apparently a pretty big makeout scene between the two of them in the movie, and Megan’s been talking about it nonstop over the last week or so. Megan strikes me as the kind of person who will go for any kind of publicity she can get, any chance she can get it, so I was really expecting some big attention whore move from her. I’m almost disappointed that she behaved herself.

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