More Pics from Fashion Week in NYC

It seems like I’ve been writing about Fashion Week in NYC for the last month and a half, but I guess it’s only been since the 11th. Anyway, last night was the Ann Taylor Spring/Summer 2010 Collection runway show, and Amanda Bynes, Vanessa Williams and a few other (relatively) famous peeps showed up.

Here’s what my inquiring mind wants to know: what in the name of Botox hell did Vanessa Williams do to her face? It looks like somebody stretched her forehead taut like it was a freaking canvas or something! Since when does she look all Marie Osmond-like in the mouth area? And THOSE EYEBROWS! Why is the one on the right creeping up toward her hairline like that?

Still, Vanessa is like a much-needed starburst of glamor in that room. Look at everyone behind her! In a place where nobody knows how to work a hair or makeup brush, the overly-botoxed bombshell is queen. Plus, her body is amazing.

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