Nick Hogan to be Released from Jail Early

Because he’s been on his best behavior since getting sentenced to eight months in jail for his role in a car wreck that put John Graziano in a vegetative state, Nick Hogan Bollea is getting out of jail early. Three months early, to be precise. Nick is slated to be released on October 21.

Somebody at the jail told People magazine that Nick’s early release has nothing to do with celebrity favoritism, saying:

They automatically get credits towards early release, and if they don’t do anything bad while they’re here, they get to use the credits.”

I wonder how long Nick will be out before he starts cashing in on his stupidity? I’m thinking VH1 has got a reality show all lined up for him, and he’ll be doing interview after interview for different magazines and newspapers. Isn’t there a law somewhere that says you can’t profit off of a crime you commit?

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