OH HELL YES!!! Shauna Sand and Hubby!!!

I thought today was missing a little glamor, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Now, of course, I realize that it’s because I haven’t a Shauna Sand post since October 7th! Nobody should ever go that long sans Shauna.

Anyway, I’m making up for it right now by giving you a double dose of awesome: Shauna and her husband, Roman Chavent (who BTW looks like a younger version of her ex-hubby Lorenzo Lamas)!  The two were out together last night, and Shauna was looking more elegant than ever. She seems to have traded in her notorious clear heels for those lovely lace-up kicks, which is an interesting change. Way to keep us guessing, Shauna! Plus, they go really well with that spandex tube top miniskirt and jacket. I bet they’re made by a designer I’m too poor to have even heard of.

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