Pamela Anderson

Pam Anderson Wants to Save the Seals

No, Pam Anderson’s left boob isn’t actually that wonky. I think it’s just the wind in her dress, but since it was the first thing I noticed, I figured it should be the first thing I addressed in this post.

Anyway, Pam Anderson was out doing what she does best yesterday: fighting for helpless animals. This time, she teamed up with PETA in Toronto to draw attention to Canada’s commercial seal slaughtering industry. It takes a special kind of A-hole to club a defenseless baby seal to death. Just sayin’.

Of course, Pamela wasn’t the only one helping the cause: designer Richie Rich was there, as was my favorite VP of all time, DAN MATTHEWS. Who knew animal rights could be so sexy? PETA needs to stop getting celebrities to get naked for their ad campaigns — they should look at their in-house talent! If Dan Matthews dropped trou, I bet the ladies would be lining up to donate to his cause.

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