The Latest Speidi Info

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag had a busy day today. First, they started at a church in Pasadena where they filmed a scene for The Hills, which is totally unscripted. Then, Spencer filled his new Porsche Cayenne (!!!) up with gas while Heidi (and those shoes of hers) waited in the car.  I guess he gets bonus points for pumping his own gas, but how the hell did he pay for that car? Does “acting” on The Hills pay that well? Because if so, my ass is headed down to SoCal so that I can get in on a little of that action. I digress.

After getting gas, Spencer took some photos of the photographers and posted them to his Twitter, saying it would be viewed by 200,000 people. Holy crap…being on The Hills sounds like the sweetest gig ever.

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