Zach Braff Gets His Holiday Shopping In

Zach Braff was braving the holiday crowds in West Hollywood yesterday, stopping at Crate and Barrel and a few other places.

I was at Target and Sam’s Club earlier today, and I thought I was going to either have a panic attack or kill somebody with one of my shoelaces. All I needed was a book and some dog food, but it took me almost two hours, and not just because of the lines. I was actually trapped between two forklift things in Sam’s, because some uppity soccer mom wanted to go through every gigantic box of dog beds that they had until she found one that matched her carpet.

Hobag please! It’s Sam’s Club, not some specialty dog boutique. Know your place! She was lucky I didn’t trample her on the floor…Sam’s Club is only around .002% better than WalMart. In the end, she got her precious dog bed (and a few death glares from me, free of charge).

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