David Blaine Starts His New Stunt

David Blaine started his new stunt this morning in NYC’s Central Park, and I’m not so sure how I feel about this one. He’s planning on hanging upside down, six stories above the ground, for 60 hours straight. Afterward, he’s going to do something that he calls a “death dive” to the ground. Isn’t that kind of how Houdini died?

Doctors told ABC News that all that blood going to his head probably won’t kill him (I’m thinking it might just make his head bigger, something that he definitely does not need). However, he could have a stroke or suddenly go blind. As for how he plans on, uh, taking care of business, he’s hooked up to a catheter. Sounds like fun, eh?

He’ll probably come out fine, like he always does, but if something bad happens he doesn’t really have anyone to blame but himself. There’s a reason that people don’t play golf in a lightening storm or have unprotected sex with a tranny prostitute. Why tempt fate?

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