Envy, Contempt, And Celebrity Gossip Sites

In a way we are all desperate to get up to the minute info on our favorite celebrities. We might be even more interested in those celebrities that simply make our blood boil. I for one love the deadpan ReTweets @JenKirkman throws out of the Kardashians all of whom Tweet like privileged idiots blissfully unaware of how much most of America loathes and doesn’t respect them.

It’s fun stuff keeping tabs on the folks you hate to love to watch yourself hate. So many celebrity fashion trends just happen to be out of our price range and out of our general sphere of reality. Yet, we the American people just love sucking it up. I think this is about a few things but mostly it is a strangely intoxicating mixture of envy and contempt. Not our most positive emotions.

That said I really do have a blast checking in on what the next rich trainwreck is up to. I scope out all of the celebrity gossip sites hoping to watch someone famous, Ryan Reynolds or Sandra Oh for example, take a faceplant. It does not happen as often as I want it to. I yern for it. I live for the thrill.

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