Gold Digger Alert: Don Johnson

In an effort to do our readers a solid, I figured I’d give ya’ll a head’s up: Don Johnson might be getting a lot richer soon. Before you grab your shovels and start digging for gold, let me give you all of the juicy details…

Don is currently suing a Hollywood production company for millions of dollars (cha-ching!) for his role as “Nash Bridges” on the hit TV show. As co-owner of the copyright, he believes that he’s entitled to half of the show’s profits. I’m not so hot at math anymore, but according to my calculations, that works out to a freaking boatload of money. His court date is set for next May, which means that you ladies have around 8 months to get to Hollywood, start dating Don and then get him to marry you without a prenup.

As far as rich old men go, Don’s not that bad looking (check out his hairline!) and he’s not even all that old. All things considered, he’s still a pretty good catch!

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