Jennifer Love Hewitt is Not Fat

As much as I love ragging on celebrities, I just can’t be mean to Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s like, one of the nicest people in the history of ever, she’s really pretty and bloggers are unnecessarily bitchy to her (particularly about her weight). I’m pretty sure I’m already going to hell. That said, I’m fairly certain that if I make fun of JLH, I’ll be headed to one of those awful inner circles…with a seat right next to Satan. There are some things you just don’t do: make fun of the handicapped, steal from a Salvation Army change kettle and be mean to Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Take a look at these photos of her, taken on the set of her show,The Ghost Whisperer. She is absolutely not fat! There is no part of her that is even a little bit chunky, from what I can tell. Plus, she’s gracious enough to pose for pictures with her fans and sign autographs. How can you not love her?

In related news, I’ve been on a hard core JLH kick lately. I blame the reruns of Party of Five that are OnDemand and her role in those I Know What You Did Last Summer movies. Every time I check out the TV Guide channel (don’t judge!) she’s in something that I want to watch.

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