LeAnn Rimes Stops Being Scandalous for a Minute

LeAnn Rimes ditched Eddie Cibrian for the day, opting to hit the streets of Malibu with a different guy. This would be semi-scandalous, if this dude wasn’t so obviously gay. His glasses, the hair, his shoes and even those bracelets he’s rocking are all faaabulous! Like my grandmother used to say, “he’s as gay as the day is long!” Actually, 24 hours of gayness doesn’t sound all that excessive to me. But what do I know?

LeAnn is smart to latch onto the nearest homo she can find. Those guys are the absolute best when you’re going through a breakup or doing some scandalous stuff…LeAnn happens to be surrounded by both at the moment, so it only makes sense. From the looks of things, she picked herself a good one.

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