Usher’s Ex-Wife Tameka Seeks Custody of Sons after Pool Accident

It’s been reported that Usher‘s ex-wife Tameka Raymond has filed for custody of their two sons after Monday’s pool incident in which 5 year old Usher V was left in a coma. Although Usher Jr is said to be in ‘okay’ condition while doctors are still running test, Tameka is said to have filed legal documents asking for custody of their two sons on grounds that Usher is allegedly creating a dangerous environment for their children. According to reports, the documents were filed in Fulton County, Georgia which asked for a hearing in which Tameka is seeking decision-making power over Usher Jr and 4 year old Naviyd. She allegedly claims that Usher is not taking care of his parental responsibilities but instead allowing other people to care for their sons and is even doubtful of the people Usher leaves in charge of watching the boys. Usher’s aunt, Rena Oden, was watching over the youngsters when the accident occurred. Reports state that Usher V was playing in the swimming pool with his aunt Oden when he got his arm caught in the drain when he was attempting to retrieve a toy from the bottom of the pool. Rena immediately attempted to free his hand to no avail but two men working on the grounds dove in and freed Usher V’s arm and then gave him CPR before he was rushed to the hospital. Usher was not home at the time of the incident but as soon as he was notified he rushed to his Atlanta property and rode in the ambulance with his son. They were later joined by Tameka at the hospital. This incident comes a year after Usher’s 11 year old stepson Kile Glover died after he was critically injured in a boating accident.

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