Yup, You Guessed It: Michael Phelps has a Book Deal

Golden boy Michael Phelps has a book out, in case you haven’t heard. It’s called No Limits: The Will To Succeed and is out just in time for your holiday shopping needs. He was even signing copies at a Barnes and Noble in New York City today!

Michael wasn’t blessed so much in the looks department (well, from the neck up, anyway), but it’s good to see that he’s cashing in on his talent. Dumb celebutants (who shall remain unnamed) make all kinds of loot just for being hot and dumb. It’s good to see hard work rewarded…I hope he makes a gazillion dollars before he’s 30. Hell, he deserves it more than I do. Then again, I rarely wake up before noon.

Speaking of M.P. (may I call you that?), did you see his Anderson Cooper interview?! His dog is even getting endorsement deals!

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