The Public Enemies Premiere

Last night was the premiere of Public Enemies at Mann Village in Los Angeles. This is definitely a movie I want to see, but every time I hear the title, I instantly think of Flavor Flav. Christian Bale should have rolled out of the limo and onto the red carpet with a giant clock around his neck and a half dozen scantily clad hoodrats on his arm…I’d love him forever for it. Of course, I already love him anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

And Johnny Depp! JOHNNY DEPP!!! I see he went to the David Hasselhoff school of sunglasses, but he’s more than forgiven. The look is working for him, and I’m digging it 100%. In other (unrelated) Johnny Depp news, a waiter at a steak restaurant recently went public with some good news: Depp’s a gracious guest and an excellent tipper! He left the waiter a $4,000 tip for dinner last week, which is almost as much as some stars spend on their housing. Talented, good looking AND amazingly generous and kind? Depp is one of the biggest class acts in Hollywood.

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